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Unsigned Senior Showcase

PrepVolleyball.com and the SCVA have teamed up to offer the 8th Annual PrepVolleyball.com Unsigned Senior Showcase for athletes in the 2014 class on Friday, February 14th at 4:30pm, 6:00pm and 7:30pm in Las Vegas, NV at the Cashman Center.  The Unsigned Senior Showcase is just another way PrepVolleyball.com helps players reach their goals of playing collegiate volleyball.  We are excited to be working with the SCVA again and expect over 700 athletes to participate in the 2014 Unsigned Senior Showcase!

Registration Closed at 11:45pm PST (West Coast) on Friday, February 7th!

No late registrations will be accepted nor will any walk-ups be allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please do not contact us about having a player added as all such requests will be ignored.

Who Can Participate? Uncommitted players in the Class of 2014 are eligible to participate. Unsigned Seniors Only!

Do Colleges Attend?  Yes!!! We had over 235 registered coaches attend in 2013 with many more that did not register showing up at the event.  To see a running tab of programs as they register click:  View Colleges Attending

What Does It Cost?  $30 for PrepVolleyball.com Subscribers.  You MUST be a PrepVolleyball.com subscriber to participate.  Annual subscriptions start at $29.95!
Note:  If you do not have a PrepVolleyball.com subscription, please purchase one here.  Please note a one day subscription will not allow you to register for the 2014 USS.  

View Screenshot of University Athlete Showcase ID

View Screenshot of University Athlete Showcase ID

Are There Any Other Requirements?  Yes!  You must have a profile at University Athlete in order to participate (in fact, register) for the USS.  Please visit http://www.universityathlete.com to either update your current profile or create a new one.  You must also copy the Showcase ID from your profile to register here for the Showcase.

Where Do I Register?  Registration is now closed.  No late registrations will be accepted nor will any walk-ups be allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please do not contact us about having a player added as all such requests will be ignored.

Want to Volunteer?  PARENTS or COACHES … We need your help!  Complete our volunteer form today.

What Happens at the USS?  The Recruiting Combine will include:

  • Approach Touch
  • Volleyball Skills Testing
  • College coaches evaluating during testing
  • Integration with University Athlete
  • Results e-mailed to every college in the country!
  • FREE T-Shirt and Bib Number
  • Registered Players
  • College Coaches
  • Drill Videos
  • Attendee Info
  • Frequently Asked Questions

You can view your court assignments and confirm registration here when they are released.

2014 Registered Players – List of registered players by last name.  Court assignments will not begin until the week prior to the event.

College Coach Information

View Colleges Attending

If you are a college coach that would like to attend, please fill out our form. Attendance is FREE. You can register by clicking here:  https://prepvolleyball.wufoo.com/forms/2014-uss-college-registration/

Additional information will be released here the week prior to the event:

Excel Workbook: Contains Players and different spreadsheets. To be released on 2/14 after 5pm.
Players By Last Name: Report sorted by last name.
Players By Bib Number: Report sorted by bib number.
Players By Position: Report sorted by position. You will need to export the report to sort by additional criteria.
Players By Time: Report sorted by time. You will need to export the report to sort by additional criteria.
Contact Information: Requires password. Please contact us using the information below. Must contact via email and provide credentials.

Note: Contact Information will be provided by University Athlete via handheld devices and printed documents at the event. If you need contact information prior to the event, please complete our registration form at https://prepvolleyball.wufoo.com/forms/2014-uss-college-registration/ and we will provide you with a password to access that information. You must provide us a valid university/college email address and provide your credentials for verification.

Drills have been updated in 2013! Check back here for announcements/updates.




Oh/Opp Hitting

6 vs. 6

Thank you for registering for the 2014 Senior Showcase.  Final preparations are underway and we wanted to send you a final email with the details of the event.  Please take a minute to read through all of the information.  While we will do our best to answer questions via email, we simply do not have the manpower to handle a large volume of such requests.  We appreciate your understanding.  We will see you on Friday and good luck!

Court Assignments/Bib #s  ======================
All court assignments are completed at this time.  THERE ARE NO CHANGES ALLOWED AT THIS POINT.  We cannot accommodate time changes or position changes at this point.  Please review your information using the links below.  It is your responsibility to confirm your information has been entered correctly.

     All Registered Players:  Click Here

Each of you will receive a set of “bib” to pin to your t-shirt.  These bibs will have numbers that will help identify you for the college coaches.  Your Bib number is designated as the Entry ID on the report listed above.

Check-In Process ============================
Check-In for the 2014 Unsigned Senior Showcase will begin 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time:
Showcase Time: 4:30pm-6:00pm    Check-In: 4:00pm
Showcase Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm    Check-In: 5:30pm
Showcase Time: 7:30pm-9:00pm    Check-In: 7:00pm

Check-In will be done by position and last name. Check-In will take place outside the Cashman Center near the entrance to Exhibit Hall A (north side of building).  There is no need for any paperwork to be presented.

Cars should park in Parking Lot B.  A Google Map (and directions) to the Cashman Center can be found here:  https://goo.gl/maps/eKVtT

Recruiting Seminar ===========================
Dan Kaplan, founder and owner of CBound.com will be presenting a FREE seminar for parents of the participants in the Senior Showcase.  That seminar will be held in the meeting rooms on Level 1 of the Cashman Center.  Parents will enter the building in the same area as the players and will be diverted to the meeting space for the seminar.  Parents will NOT be allowed in the exhibit halls during the Showcase at any time.  

Notes =====================================

  1. Parents, teammates, club coaches, etc. will NOT be allowed inside the Cashman Center exhibit halls during the Showcase.  We want to allow the players, college recruiters, and staff to be the focus of the event.  We appreciate your cooperation.
  2. No changes or additions can be made to registrations at this time.  All change requests prior to this email being sent will be honored.
  3. The USS does not provide subjective evaluations to the college coaches.  We provide empirical data (approach touches) and contact information.  The University Athlete profile will be used for additional details, video, etc.  However, we do not evaluate the player’s skills.  College coaches/recruiters do not value the information as they want to do their own evaluations.  The college recruiters in attendance (over 230 colleges have registered so far) will make their own evaluations based on the position needs they have.  You can see the list of college coaches here:   https://prepvolleyball.wufoo.com/reports/2014-coaches-attending/
  4. Absolutely NO walk-up registrations will be permitted.
  5. Players that registered prior to the February 7th deadline will receive a bib number with their court assignments on them.  If a player registered after the deadline or changed their time or position after February 7th it is possible that the bib will not have accurate information or name.  Please make sure you confirm your court assignment online and at check-in.
  1. Why must you be a member of PrepVolleyball.com to participate?
    Why wouldn’t you want to be a member of PrepVolleyball.com?  As a subscriber to the world’s best junior volleyball site not only will you receive wall to wall coverage of the sport we love, but you will get so much more.  Rankings, Court Reports, Recruiting Tools, Player Lists, Instruction, Recruiting Tips and much, much more!  If you feel the cost is prohibitive, let us assure you that we feel you get so much more for your money.  We could easily charge $75 or more for the combine and not require PrepVolleyball.com membership, but we want each of our participants to get the value and enjoyment out of our vast volleyball community.

Cashman Center
850 N Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89101