Boys 11-Foot Club

In the boys game, having superior bounce can open many doors, however touching the rim has become more and more common place, but touching 11 feet is a feat reserved for the most elite of jumpers. It is with this in mind that we debut the Boys “11-Foot Club,” a verified listing of those volleyballers who have met or eclipsed that magic mark. We present the Club by class year and jump touch and challenge everyone not on it to make it a goal and work towards one day being a part of it. To be a member of the club, a player must not only jump 11-0, he must PROVE IT, whether by some official testing measure or video evidence. ONLY COACHES may submit new players for consideration in the 10-foot club by completing the following form (if you're not a coach, and you submit info, we will not consider it). We will update the list whenever we get a new member who meets the criteria for admission into the club!

(Updated May 2022)

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