All Business, Part V

The Harlequin jersey, by Cheval Rouge

The Harlequin jersey, by Cheval Rouge

The AVCA Annual Convention, held in December in Columbus, Ohio, saw 92 vendors exhibiting for three days in the Marketplace. visited many of these booths to find out how these companies are serving our community. This is the final installment in a five-part series, which introduces or re-introduces them to you.


In collaboration with some of the most respected minds in sports statistics, who are now part of the board of advisers, VolleyMetrics developed advanced models and analytics that give insight into how team fundamentals and performance improve. VolleyMetrics began using these analytics with the U.S. women’s national team in the 2012 London Olympics, culminating in a silver place finish.

Contact: 385-204-5133

Worldwide Sport Supply

Worldwide Sport Supply is a wrestling, volleyball and fitness online store providing gear, fitness equipment and much more.

Contact:; 800-756-3555

SoloStats Live

SoloStats Live is a stat-tracking software operating 2-3 times faster than comparable apps in the marketplace. It has fewer buttons per screen than the competition and is engineered specifically for thumb users, with the most frequently used buttons around the periphery of a screen. Solo stats can generate live stats to help coaches make in-game adjustments as well as post-match reports. New is SoloStats Fan, where you can broadcast statistical info about match in progress live to another coach or someone involved with your club.


It’s simple and powerful and using VidSwap leaves you more time to focus on coaching. You can record games in HD and upload it to your browser, where VidSwap breaks it down and allows you to search your games and get your stats and highlights, saving you time.

Contact: 888-443-4940;

The Side-Out Foundation

In volleyball, side-out means regaining control of the ball. Similarly, The Side-Out Foundation helps people with breast cancer regain control of their lives. Raising millions to help fund cutting-edge clinical trials is just part of what the Side-Out Foundation does. Another is awarding scholarships encouraging students to continue setting and achieving their goals.

Contact:; 877-DIG-PINK

United Volleyball Supply, LLC

A wide-ranging site that takes care of almost any need, United Volleyball Supply offers everything from volleyball nets to training aids to court construction.

Contact: 1-800-494.3933;

Porter Athletic

Porter manufactures net systems for the new construction market. They are in-ground products for permanent facilities at high schools and colleges. Porter also is a leader in the basketball space and serves the tennis, football, baseball, lacrosse and badminton markets as well.

Contact: 888-277-7778


Popular with high schools especially, Bison sells net systems and accessories. Its system sets up easily and quickly and the net tensioning straps are very easy to handle. Bison also was first to develop a portable system that did away with those unsightly and cumbersome water barrels.

Contact: 800-247-7668

Insight Sports Inc.

Insight Sports produces eSCORE, a portable, wireless volleyball scoreboard with timer. The scoreboard is state of the art, with a dazzling LED display, wireless remote and rechargeable battery pack.


Smack Sportswear

Based in Redondo Beach, Smack has been in business 17 years. It started as a volleyball only company but is moving toward supplying uniforms for other sports as well. In the volleyball space, Smack sells uniforms for indoor and beach use. Its jerseys are sublimated with nice material and amenable to any design. Fast turnaround is another brand pledge.

Contact: 310-379-0245

Robbins Sport Surfaces

A market leader in basketball for its hardwood floors, Robbins is making a push into volleyball, not just with hardwood for permanent placement but also with synthetic floors designed to perform like hardwood to reduce vibrations and protect the athletes on them.

Contact: 800-543-1913

Cheval Rouge

Based in Tacoma, Cheval Rouge is a three-year-old indoor and beach uniform company started by two volleyball moms. They are full service and create unique uniform designs to mirror a club or high school’s “brand.” The company does everything from design, to fit, to delivery to the player individually. “We handle every aspect of the uniform process for you, so you can focus on everything else!”

Contact: 253-405-6691

Sports Attack

Based in Reno, Sports Attack makes trainers for many sports, including volleyball. Its Total Attack pumps balls at defenders at 90 mph or with curve and can be used as a setting trainer as well.

Contact: 800-717-4251


Gared makes net systems and accessories for indoor and outdoor volleyball. It has Skymaster, a ceiling-suspended volleyball system, the Go Court sleeveless and portable system and the Sideout, for outdoor use, among other things.

Contact: 800-325-2682


Jostens has been in the ring and awards business for 119 years. Known specifically for class rings, Jostens’ aim is to “build a story” on rings to celebrate accomplishments.

Contact: 800-567-8367


Started as a shoe company and big in the volleyball space, Asics introduced two new “awesome” volleyball shoes at the convention. Shoes with “gel tech” are kinder on the feet.

Contact: 855-233-3120

Jaypro Sports

Jaypro sells in-ground indoor net systems and accessories as well as outdoor competition and recreation systems.

Contact: 800-243-0533

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