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18 Open Shocker at JVA Rock ‘N Rumble!

Joey Hewick passes the rock; Defensa from Canada is poised to shock

On Court 12 for all to see,
AVC and Defensa were going three

At stake? Not much to decide
Defensa, 0-2, was playing for pride

AVC, meanwhile, was undefeated
Pool clinched and top-seeded

The Cleveland team broke on top, not by much
Defensa victimized by the double touch

The team from Canada tied the score
On a kill set up by Sara Rohr

Points piled up for the maple leaf,
AVC was in disbelief

Felicia Malavolta aced once then again
The dogs were just one short of ten

AVC rallied on three miscues
Want an upset? No more boo boos!

Defensa scored one to stop the run
Brooke Stevens’ big block got it done

Shannon Williams came through with a timely dump
And celebrated with a big fist pump

Cleveland scored once more to go ahead
Rohr’s tip proved Defensa was not yet dead

The teams eventually got to 13-all
When Madison Kasper creamed the ball

Sally Sterkel then blocked, an AVC escape?
The back row attack left me agape

The clutch swing came from Megan Grosso
I am not guessing because I know so

AVC scored; time for Jasmine Safar
To get Defensa back to par

She then served and it was an ace!
A Kasper answer helped Cleveland keep pace

Kim Sweeney then served to a perfect spot
Attempts to pass it went for not

AVC 17-16, one swing to win
Defensa notifying next of kin?

Not so fast! More volleyball in store
As Canada blocked with the mighty Rohr

On Defensa’s sideline coach Kevin Horne
Knew for certain a star was born

He implored his troops to score a point
To get the lead and rock the joint

Defensa got the call and went on top
The other shoe this time would drop…

Overpassing Malavolta’s serve
Winning AVC did not deserve

The set went to Stevens my oh my
She ended it with a butterfly

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