Club All-Americans

16s Club Volleyball All-Americans, Tobolski’s Picks

One writer announces his selections for this season’s 16s All-Americans.

Riley Wagoner, of Mintonette Sports m.61, is part of the First Team below. is in the midst of presenting its fifth annual Club Volleyball All-Americans, the best of the best in our estimation over the 2017 club season. Today, we will reveal those players in the 16s age divisions whom we believe had the most distinguished club campaigns this past year.

We present our Club All-Americans in two versions: (1) those selected by John Tawa, the self-proclaimed volleyball guru for the past 18 years; and (2) those selected by me, in my third year covering the national scene. 

For each of the four age groups we cover, we will present the All-Americans in three teams of seven, by position, plus an eight-player Highest HM category.

Note that these lists are derived with zero input or post-season lobbying by coaches. Our selections are based on input received during the season and/or personal observation, with heavy (but not exclusive) emphasis on performance during national championship play.

Congrats to those listed below. With only 29 (or so) selected in each age division, we are fully aware that we are omitting dozens of others who are equally deserving of recognition.

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