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15 At-Larges: Open And Shut Case?

Chloe Largent (14) and her CIS 15M teammates were on the short list of teams to receive an at-large bid for 15 Open.

It’s harder to have a closer call than in 16 Open, where there was only one at-large bid available. Still, even with three spots to fill, 15 Open did its best to try and match the tightness of the race. No matter, someone wasn’t going to be happy, that’s how the bottom line was set up once the announcements were known.

Coast 15-1, TAV Houston 15 Black and CIS 15M were on the fortunate side, all three landing at-larges. The cases in 15 Open weren’t exactly cut-and-dry ones. There seemed to be some wiggle room and in the end perhaps what might stir debate more than the worthiness of the candidates is the standards by which teams were selected or not.

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