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18s USA: TAV Untouchable

Setter Mary Sutherland (9) and TAV 18 Blue went undefeated through the 18 USA and finished on top with the gold medal.

There had been plenty of upheaval in forming the 18 USA gold bracket that was set to play out on the final day of the USAV 18s GJNC in Dallas recently. Just three of the original top eight seeds – No. 5 CTV 18 Elite, No. 7 HPSTL 18 Royal and No. 8 Tampa United VBA 18U Rox – remained in contention and none from the top four.

Viper 18-Rafu, the No. 5 team in Pool 4, was the lowest seed still standing. TAV 18 Blue, VC United 181 Elite and The Diff 18 Black were all No. 3 teams in their respective pools, while CVC 18 Black was the No. 2 team from Pool 2. All had positioned themselves to close the deal, ending the season with gold but after a hectic two days it was anyone’s guess as to how the last of the results might go.

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