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5 Details to be a Faster Defender

Learning to be a faster defender certainly helps players like WI Juniors’ Amber Bischel (libero in yellow) adjust to front-row deflections.

We hear a lot about great defenders (I’m looking at you, Defensive Dandies!), but how are they so good? It just seems like they’re always in the right position, they’re always robbing hitters of kills, and they make it look fairly simple.

We can talk about receiving the attack with a solid platform and making amazing, gutsy plays – and terrific defenders certainly do those things. But, I also believe that what makes a defender truly special can be credited to the work she puts in before even contacting the ball for a dig.

We’re not talking defensive strategy and positioning, but instead, how to be a faster defender to achieve your team’s specific system needs… and to add more digs to your statistical column. Many of these tips have a stark benefit in adding speed to your defensive game and mastering them has additional benefits, like improving your dig quality.

Below are the five details to pay attention to if you want to be a faster defender.

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