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A 17 Open Scramble to Stay in Gold at AAUs

Teana Adams-Kaonohi (11) sets the rhythm for her RVCH team to move to gold after Day 2.

We’re halfway through the 17 Open tournament at AAU Nationals. After teams raised the bar quickly on Day 1 without much movement, Day 2 proved the opposite: that the teams who were left all deserved to be there. The battles that took place on Friday were a glimpse of what’s the come in the following two days.

When I checked the scores in Pool 1 on AES, it showed that RVCH 17s had beat KiVA 17 Red. Turns out, before the mistake was corrected (and after I tweeted about it), I was interested to find out more about the Hawaiian team. Flying in several days before the event, RVCH figured that if they wanted to come to AAU Nationals and invest in the effort and cost to do so, it wanted to do it right. Still, with three or four days under their belt adjusting to the time zone, the 8 AM match was as if it were 2 AM in Hawaii.

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