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Angels in the Sand at NKYVC Mother-Daughter Tournament

NKYVC found their Angels in the Sand at their mother-daughter sand tournament over the weekend.

Last weekend in Kentucky, NKYVC held a mother-daughter sand volleyball tournament to honor who they’d come to know as their “Angels in the Sand.”

When the pair of KIVA mothers and their daughters – Lesly and Rhyan Prather and Carrie and Kacey McCaw – passed away so tragically in February on the drive to Kansas City for the Triple Crown National Invitational Tournament, the entire volleyball community mourned their loss. Hearing stories of how beloved they were inside and outside of volleyball in the Louisville area made our hearts ache even more. We also realized that it could have been any of us driving our own daughters to a volleyball event, or riding with our mom for what would be the last time.

There is nothing anyone could do to ever be enough to make
up for the loss of the four precious souls. But nearby club NKYVC wanted to do
something to honor them and raise money to contribute to their families’ funds.

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