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Bitty Ballers in the 18s Division

Setter Elena Scott is a standout among tall and bitty players, alike.

Mini but Mighty. Short Sports. These are some of the other names that coaches have come up with for the players who might lack in height, but more than make up for it by having a huge heart and impact on the game, too.

When we talk about the best recruits in the nation, we often note how “physical” and “athletically gifted” these players are from a height and size perspective. Yes, it’s true that being tall has its advantages in the sport of volleyball. But, imagine if no one was six-feet tall and the field was a "little" bit more level.

Playing without those extra few inches in stature does a lot to an athlete’s mindset and the undersized competitors often play with a gritty edge and a chip on their shoulders. It’s the “I’ll show you!” attitude that allows them to prove to everyone that they have a place among the greats, too. To follow is a list of those athletes who, if only they were a few inches taller, they’d become some of the most talked-about recruits in the nation.

means to be an “undersized” volleyball player):

-- Setters are 5-9 and under
-- Pin-hitters (OH/RS) are 5-9 and under
-- MBs are 5-10 and under
-- Liberos (we reversed this for them) - they must be 5-8 or taller

At the 18s level, as you might imagine,
there were no MBs 5-10 and under – at least that we could find at a “high” level
(get it?). So, we decided each team would consist of six players: three hitters,
two setters, and a tall libero.

Below are two teams of these exceptional players who play in the 18s age division, along with a list of Honorable Mention athletes. They prove that good things really do come in small packages.

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