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Bluegrass: 15 Open Finalists Geared Up For Qualifying Run

Jacqueline Boney (12) and her A5 Mizuno 15-1 Boba teammates look ready to go hunting for their Open bid later this month.

Last month at the Triple Crown Sports Pre-Season NIT, A5 Mizuno 15 Boba and OT 15 Melito played until about 10 pm on Sunday to decide the last semifinal spot in 15 Elite.

It was a tough, three-game defeat for A5, which was in Louisville for Bluegrass over the weekend while other top finishers from Salt Lake City headed to Denver for Crossroads instead. There was no bid on the line in Kentucky, and A5 wasn’t technically in qualifying mode, but the Georgia club certainly looked like a team gearing up for the weeks ahead.

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