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Bluegrass: NKYVC Does Homework In 16 Open

Julie Wittkind (29) goes on the attack for NKYVC 16 Tsunami, which took home 16 Open gold at Bluegrass.

Only two clubs – SPVB 16 Elite and Circle City 16 Purple – finishing in the Top 16 in this past weekend’s 16 Open field at the Ultra Ankle Bluegrass Tournament in Louisville didn’t attend last month’s Triple Crown Sports NIT. 

Among the favorites in Louisville were A5 Mizuno 16-1 Gabe, the runner up in Kansas City, as well as Elevation 16 Kembre and Mintonette Sports m.61, both of which tied for third in KC. Yet, it wasn’t the expected that ended up ruling Bluegrass, instead NKYVC 16 Tsunami rose up after a 29th-place showing at Triple Crown to conquer the field Sunday after sweeping A5, 25-15, 25-23, in 16 Open championship match. 

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