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Cha Ching! The Cost to Play Club

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How much does it cost to play a year of club volleyball in different parts of the country? Below we give you estimates from the 30+ states whose club directors responded to our request.

Our inquiry, which began in early September, was framed this way:
“What is the estimated cost to play one year of 16s in your club? Your estimate should include the cost of participation on the team plus player travel (assuming paid air fare) but not parent travel or individual lesson work.”

The goal, in framing the question this way, was to get as close as possible to an apples to apples comparison from one area to the next.

We realized, however, when the info started coming in, that a true comparison was virtually impossible. Some clubs charge only for dues and uniforms and task parents with paying for player travel. Others pay for everything and pass the costs along to the families.

There also is a big difference in what players get for their dues. Some clubs offer two days of practice and a tournament a month. Others may practice three days a week, supply strength and speed training and a recruiting coordinator.

Travel costs also vary wildly, as some clubs can and will drive everywhere until perhaps a year-end national event. Other clubs have to get on an airplane and fly several times during the season.

Because we do not list clubs by name below and in order to level the field as much as possible, we have applied a set of assumptions to the numbers you see below. Unless a club gave us specific data on travel, we presumed two plane trips, at $350 per round trip fare, for clubs that have to fly; and $17.50 for every 100 miles driving. We also estimated $30 per hotel night (sharing a room with three other players) for 15 nights (five out-of-town tournaments, including at least three that you drive to). We realize that many clubs have players stay with parents, which would increase the cost parameters, but again, trying to level the field…

Below you will find, by area, the high and low range, if possible, for a traveling team, one that attends two or more major tourneys per year. The range was determined based exclusively on those who responded to our survey. Teams that stay local for the duration are not included.

Alabama — $3600

Arizona — $5200 to $6300

Arkansas — $3600


NorCal — $4200 to $8500

Southern California — $4400 to $8600

Colorado — $6000


Jacksonville — $4500

Orlando — $5,000 to $10,000

Georgia — $3600 to $8000

Hawaii — $3600 to $7000

Idaho — $2500 to $3000


Chicago — $3800 to $8000

Outside of Chicago — $4350

Indiana — $4000 to $5000

Iowa — $3200 to $3600

Kansas — $3100 to $5000


Louisville/Lexington — $7000 to $10,000

Michigan — $4900 to $8600

Minnesota— $4500 to $7300


St. Louis — $3850 to $4150

Nebraska — $3100 to $5000

Nevada — $5000 to $8000

New York

Near the City — $6000 to $7500

Upstate  — $2150

North Carolina — $8700


Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky — $4250

Cleveland/Columbus — $5500 to $8500

Northeast Ohio
— $5800 to $7900

Oklahoma — $4650


Portland area — $3850 to $6850

Outside of Portland — $3000 to $4200

South Carolina — $4500

South Dakota — $2850

Tennessee — $4000 to $6000


Amarillo — $3000 to $5500

Dallas — $6000 to $10,000

— $6000 to $8000

San Antonio
— $6000 to $7500

Utah — $4000 to $6200

Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia — $85000 to $10,000

Wisconsin — $4000 to $5500


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