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Class of 2022 Senior Aces: Special Mention

The first 50 of the Senior Aces are here!

As the Class of 2022 makes the transition into the collegiate ranks, resetting their clout meters, readjusting chemistry calibrations, and orienting to their new surroundings, we begin to bid our fond farewells, and congratulations to another memorable group of stellar athletes. We have another salute to those who left indelible impressions with their senior season performances, capping of impactful careers, leaving behind lasting memories of their contributions to their teams, on the court, and off as well. We begin our presentation of the Class of 2022 Senior Aces with a special note of consideration to 50 student athletes who performed admirably on the court, yet whose contributions may have flown, somewhat, under the radar. A cross section of exceptional athletic prowess, academic achievement, and community involvement highlight this groups inclusion in our Senior celebration.

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