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Club 2021: A Look at Twelve 16s Teams

KIVA 16 Red is on our radar this club season – a team with more height than we’re used to seeing out of the club!

We’re back with 12 teams from the 16s age division to look for in the upcoming 2021 season. These are not rankings or indicate which teams are in our pre-season rankings (which are rolling out weekly – see our 18s pre-season rankings)! They're simply a fun little preview as to what's to come!

Until the rankings are revealed, we thought we’d highlight some 16s teams we’re excited to see in person very soon! There are many, many more we can’t wait to cover in this talented age division.

If you are a club coach and/or director and have not filled out our forms to let us know about your team, please do so here. We cannot write about what we do not know!

Let’s see what’s changed, what’s the same, and what we can
expect from some big players in the 16s game!

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