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Club Dish on January 4th: Sixteen Sensational 16s Teams

Can TAV hold off MADFROG another year? The 16s division looks to be competitive as ever!

The 16s age division in club volleyball is a whole new ball game. Through growth spurts, added weight training, and improving knowledge of the game, this seems to be the year we see the separation of the good players and teams to the great.

In past Club Dish reports, I’ve chosen the teams we feature almost at random. This time, I’ve selected 16 teams we know about who had strong finishes from a year ago, and who we also think will surface at the top of the 16s division.

If you are a coach or club director (only!), and you have not filled out the form to help us know about your team, please do so here.

(Note: This is not a comprehensive list of the only good teams in 16s, or a precursor to our rankings, which will be out next week.)

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