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Crossroads 16 Open: Colorado Juniors Digs Deep to Strike Gold

CoJrs 16 Shannon celebrates a big 16 Open win in Denver.’s 2019 National Qualifier coverage is
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The only team left standing in 16 Open at Colorado Crossroads from the home state, CoJrs 16 Shannon, had a long road ahead of them on the final day in Gold. At times, the odds were stacked against them having lost the first set in two of its last three matches.

ach time CoJrs found something within themselves to kick it up one more notch to turn the match around. In winning three matches in three sets apiece on Sunday in Denver, CoJrs won 16 Open and earned a bid in the first weekend of the season to do so.

“It was a very long day for us,” said CoJrs head coach Shannon Krug, “and they really dug in
and found something inside of them. They just kept after it.”

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