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Double-Dip Club Dish on January 4th: Fifteen 15s Teams

Wake up and get out of your PJs! It’s about time to play some club volleyball! (Pictured: AZ Storm Elite 15 Thunder)

Finally! Fifteen and under is the age division we begin covering, and we truly enjoy getting to know this new wave of athletes and teams. Much of what we know about the talent in the 15s this early is based on their success as 14s. But, with most players having a year of high school volleyball experience under their belts, the 14s record doesn't tell us the whole story.

In past Club Dish reports, I’ve chosen the teams we feature almost at random. This time, I’ve selected 15 teams we know about who we think will surface at the top of the 15s division.

If you are a coach or club director (only!), and you have not filled out the form to help us know about your team, please do so here.

(Note: This is not a comprehensive list of the only good teams in 15s, or a precursor to our rankings, which will be out next week.)

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