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Eighth-Graders Playing Up, Part II: The Challengers

Here at, we begin covering the club game
at the 15s age division which typically means these athletes are freshmen in
high school. However, we know that there are some dynamite players on 15s teams
across the country who have yet to play a high school volleyball match because
they are in the eighth grade.

We have broken this list of standout eighth-graders into two parts: in the first part, here, we recognize 15 players who are required to play up (or down) because of her birthday; the second part (this one!) includes those who are needed on an older team or are looking to be challenged against older opponents ("The Challengers"). Of course, sometimes it’s both.

This list includes 24 eighth-grade athletes playing 15s, five more who play above the 15s division, and we’ve also listed 16 others who we know are eighth graders making an impact at an age above their classmates… that’s 43 on this list alone and 60 on the two lists combined.

Meet some of the youngest new talent around the club scene…

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