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If 18s Qualifying Started Today … Who Wins?

If USAV 18 Open kicked off today, would San Gabriel be the favorite to win it?

It’s time to have some fun with the 18 Open qualifiers by introducing a new, little game we are going to play.

It’s never too early to start making predictions that are bound to fall short, so let’s get at it. So far, 11 clubs have picked up Open bids to USAV’s Junior National Championships in April in Anaheim:

  • Circle City 18 Purple
  • Team Indiana Elite 18 Asics
  • KC Power 18-1
  • HPSTL 18 Royal
  • Milwaukee Sting 18 Gold
  • MN Select 18-1
  • San Gabriel Elite 18 Rosh
  • TX Tornados 18 Mizuno
  • Legacy 18-Elite
  • Aspire 18 Rox
  • Ocala Power United 18 Rox

We are going to pick the finishing order for these 11 teams, if the tournament started now. Of course, qualifying is still going on, so as new teams qualify, we’ll update our predicted order until we have it all right, or at least plenty wrong.

If 18 JN’s started today …

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