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JVA Summerfest: Michio 15s Click in Columbus

Michio 15 Natl keeps its cool at Summerfest with a Gold medal finish.

The JVA Summerfest this past weekend brought nine Nationally-ranked teams to Columbus to compete in the 15 Open division, with 36 teams in total. Many used the two-day event as a tune-up for both USAV and AAU Nationals as six of the ranked teams have qualified with Open bids for USAV Nationals.

Eight of the ranked teams went into two power pools of four where all advanced to the next round. In one pool, Pool G, two teams would advance. In the other six pools, just one team had to win the pool in order to make its way to a Gold Challenge match the following morning.

The hometown team, No. 1 AVC Cle Rox 15N Tom, was the favorite headed into the event and the target was big and bright on its back. It went three sets in each of its matches against Tri-State Elite 15 Blue, Metro 15 Travel, and MiElite 15 Mizuno on Day 1, but survived to maintain its seed.

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