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JVA West Coast Cup: Ranked Teams Eliminated on Day 1

Jeila Fullerton (15) and OT 15 Melito moved through Day 1 unscathed. Other ranked clubs weren’t so fortunate.

There in Pool E of 16 Open were Rage Westside 16 Jen and Tstreet 16 Mike together again.

A month ago the two squared off at the SCVA Qualifier in Las Vegas with a bid on the line. Rage swept, making Tstreet’s wait for a bid hours longer. Tstreet eventually joined Rage and it figured their rematch on Day 1 of the JVA West Coast Cup in Long Beach wouldn’t be nearly as dramatic.

The two really should have been playing for first and second. We say should, because the pool was thrown in flux from the get go as Xceleration Blue 16-1 stunned Rage in straight sets, 25-23, 25-22. All of a sudden, it was looking very much like the Rage-Tstreet encounter was going to carry greater implications.

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