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Legacy Loosens Up to Clinch NIT 15 Elite Title

Harper Murray attacks from the back row for the NIT 15 Elite champion, Legacy 15-1 Adidas.

Finalizing our coverage of the Triple Crown National Invitational Tournament (NIT) is the 15 Elite division. The overall 15s winner was a team who has yet to lose, No. 4 Legacy 15 Elite. The Michigan team maintained its perfect record on the season, however close it teetered on losing its footing in Kansas City.

“Coming into this weekend, we hadn’t lost,” said Legacy
coach Jen Cottrill. “So, Day 1, I was just like, okay, let’s get this over
with. And we won on Day 1 and I was like, well, that’s probably not a good
sign. But we played really well. I think there was no pressure, just being loose
and playing.”

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