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MEQ 17 Open: Mintonette Reigns Over Indianapolis; MAVS and PNK Also Bid

Look familiar? This Mintonette m.71 team has won MEQ for the fourth-straight year.’s 2019 National Qualifier coverage is sponsored by TeamSnap. Visit TeamSnap to discover how much time your organization will save each week.

With each passing year, the current teams in 17 Open have had to step aside for one team at the Mideast Qualifier (MEQ). For the past four seasons beginning in 14 Open, Mintonette m.71 has won MEQ and punched their ticket to USAV Nationals at its first chance to do so.

This year, Mintonette again won the title with a 10-0 record, dropping just one set along the way.

Mintonette coach Max Miller said, “We’re finally beginning to play more efficiently. And, we’ve been talking a lot about how winning is a privilege, not a given.”

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