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Newest Additions and Highest Flyers of the 10-Foot Club (May 21)

Olivia Burrage, 5-11 Class of 2022 MB is one of the newest and highest flyers in the 10-Foot Club. She touches 10-5!

Today we're jumping into the 10-Foot Club! We're highlighting the ten newest additions to the list, and the two highest jumpers from each class. The entire member list of the 10-Foot Club can be found right here. To be a member of the club, a player must not only jump 10-0, but she must also PROVE IT, whether by some official testing measure or video evidence (video is preferred). ONLY COACHES may submit new players for consideration in the 10-foot club by completing the following form (if you're not a coach, and you submit info, we will not consider it). So stretch those legs, lace up those shoes, transition and approach!

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