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NLQ 17s/18s Wrap-up

It’s finally here, the Northern Lights Qualifier 17s/18s
wrap-up! With the Triple Crown power pools coming out, I’ve felt pulled to
focus on that, but there’s still much to say about what happened in Minneapolis.
Through snow, tie-breaker drama, forfeited matches, and more, six Open bids, five
USA bids, and two American bids between the two age groups were handed out.

COAST 18-1, the No. 1 team heading into 18 Open,
maintained its seed with a fiery road to first. HJV 18 Elite and APEX1
18 Black
were the final two bid-winners in 18 Open. And, in 17 Open, the host
team Northern Lights 17-1 kept the gold medals safe in the Twin Cities
as OT 17 O Felix and MKE Sting 17 Gold secured the other two

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