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Preparing for June 15th: Continuing and Starting Communication

Don’t feel like programs are “blocking” the lines of communication – June 15th is coming!

June 15th is approaching and that’s a big deal to Division I college programs and the class of 2022 Prospective Student-Athletes (PSAs). This week, as a resource for the class of 2022 PSAs, PrepVolleyball is focusing on this June 15th date and what it means. We’ve talked to several club recruiting coordinators around the country about specific questions and stressors PSAs might have regarding the impending date. On Monday, we focus on communication and ask what it might look like if a PSA is continuing their communication from before the rule change; if they’re only beginning; and how to now get to know a college coach.

As of May 2019, the NCAA rules changed to prevent Division I
coaches from having communication with PSAs until June 15th before their
junior year of high school. The class of 2021 had about a month with these new
rules last year, but the class of 2022 put a stop in their process for over a
year. Some PSAs in the class had already begun their recruiting process and
others have been waiting to get started.

We should note that this focuses on NCAA Division I institutions in the sport of volleyball. The other divisions have more relaxed rules and time-tables. For instance, in Division II, June 15th is also when volleyball coaches can reach out to PSAs from the class of 2022. However, the PSAs themselves can call coaches at any time before then and they can talk specifics regarding interest and make them an offer. A Division II coach can also welcome PSAs on unofficial visits. These events can not occur at the Division I level.

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