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Recruiting 101: Technology in Recruiting

We’re continuing our series on, “Recruiting
101,” where we’ll deliver valuable advice from club recruiting directors across
the country. The content in these articles is provided by them and it is real
advice that they tell their athletes to assist them in their recruiting journeys.

Now that recruiting is purely virtual, we turn to the topic of technology in the process of helping Prospective Student-Athletes (PSAs) find their best fit for college. Premier Nebraska’s Recruiting Coordinator and Director of Communications, Michelle Lund, offers some great insight on how PSAs can use technology – that’s e-mail, social media, and more – to your advantage in the recruiting process.

Lund said, “Even though we are not seeing courts lined with
college coaches recruiting at large National Qualifiers, that doesn't mean
college coaches have stopped recruiting. They are still recruiting but they are
doing a lot more of it virtually...well, okay, all of it virtually now!”

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