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Recruiting 101: What College Coaches Want

These young ladies from Alamo have decided on their college home… but maybe you haven’t. Hear what coaches really want from you!

We’re continuing our weekly feature, Recruiting 101. Each week in the foreseeable future, we’ll deliver valuable recruiting advice from recruiting directors across the country. The content in the articles is supplied by them and it is real advice they tell their athletes to help them be successful.

This week, we’re shifting away from talking to club directors to looking at recruiting from the other side – the college coach’s point of view! We asked collegiate recruiting directors and coaches from around the country who are involved with programs of varying sizes and levels of play what they want from recruits, particularly when they can’t get out to see them play in person. (Thanks to all the coaches who were involved!)

We asked each coach, “What is one specific thing that
college coaches want you to do or know right now?”

We heard some of the same responses, but unique ones too, and simplified their responses into four categories - video, communication, time, and words of wisdom. Here is what college coaches want from you, the Prospective Student Athlete (PSA).

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