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Show Me Qualifier Wrap-Up

AVC 15 Tom Showed Me (and everyone else) what it can do in Kansas City.’s 2019 National Qualifier coverage is sponsored by TeamSnap. Visit TeamSnap to discover how much time your organization will save each week.

The Show Me Qualifier in Kansas City wrapped up last weekend and we’re here to recap the drama that unfolded amongst each of the age divisions while we were covering other events in-person. Below you will find the top finishers in each division, where “Q” indicates that a team had qualified at Show Me.

The trickle-down was in effect in the 15 and 17 Open divisions and no bids were left unclaimed. And while 16 Open seemed to be the “cleanest” as far as handing out bids are concerned, what happened off the court as well as on from the onset was far from neat.

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  1. Avatar


    April 16, 2019 at 1:10 pm

    I’m extremely disappointed in the way you covered the Show Me Qualifier and specifically the 17USA final. Only discussing why Fight Club declined the bid is doing a total disservice to the tournament, especially when you had OP2 17-1 go 10-0 in the tournament, and beat Fight Club in 2 sets in the final (25-22; 25-20). I just think you missed an opportunity to spotlight something positive about the tournament rather than the negative spin that your 17USA quotes represented.

  2. Avatar

    Sloane Green

    April 16, 2019 at 2:41 pm

    The Fight Club coach was happy to be the one to talk publicly about the club calendar, not about teams being deserving or not of a bid… why a team would enter a qualifier but decline a bid is always interesting, IMO. We weren’t at Show Me and I apologize for not covering the nine divisions in full. We always welcome club coaches to submit information and always strive to do better.

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