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SPVB Presidents’ Day: The Two Next Big Things

Is it crazy to say that I think I know who two of the top-5 recruits of 2020 will be?

Call me crazy.

In the 15 Club Division of the SPVB Presidents' Day Tournament, Sports Performance's 14 Elite will compete in the Gold Bracket, and Legacy's 14 Elite team will battle in Silver. The two teams succeeded in the higher age group because they boast impressive teams, but there's something else there too.

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Usually when young athletes are taller than 6'0” before they hit high school, they aren't that athletic. Both teams, however, have two players that stand out because they are an exception. subscribers, let me introduce you to two of the next big players: Taylor Landfair and Alexa Rousseau.

Let's make it fun and compare them to some top-level players.

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