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USAV 16 Open: Tstreet Streaks With Fifth Gold Medal Earned at GJNC

Tstreet 16 Mike wins its fifth gold medal in Indianapolis at GJNC in the 16 Open division.

The last day of the 16 Open USAV Girls Junior National Championship (GJNC) proved to be the final sprint in a marathon. The long season of preparation for this four-day event was coming to a close and, although fatigue was beginning to set in after three days of intense focus and high-level competition, the time to peak was Saturday, Championship Day, in Indianapolis.

We’ve seen upsets all weekend, with top teams falling out of Gold contention by the second and third days, and we expected no less by the fourth day. However, when all was said and done, we watched two of the top-ranked teams, No. 1 Tstreet 16 Mike, and No. 4 TAV 16 Black, compete in the 16 Open final. It was California’s Tstreet who picked up its fifth gold medal of the season by winning the 2019 16 Open GJNC title.

Tstreet coach Mike Murphy said, “I felt like we wanted to be number one, and I felt like we should have been… we deserved to be number one. I expected that and the girls did too.”

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