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USAV 16s: MAVS and Six Pack Finalize Golden Season

MAVS wins 16 Open Gold to finalize a season on top.

Can you believe the 2018 club volleyball season is over? I was filled with so much emotion on the final day in Detroit which marked an ending in many ways.

Having followed most of the teams over the course of the season, I felt pride, heart-break, excitement, and gratitude, to name a few. I watched many athletes and their teams end their season in a loss, resulting in tears and disappointment. And, I watched very few teams win it all to fulfill a season-long dream of winning USAV Nationals… those were the teams who didn’t want to leave the gym and continued their photo sessions with teammates until the next wave of winners emerged.

Whoever you are, and wherever you ended your season, know that I have enjoyed the journey I’m on with you and I’m proud of the strong women you’re becoming. I feel your tears and your joy, and I feel overwhelmingly fortunate to have seen so much growth over the season. So, thank you.

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