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WD Nation Takes Over Orlando in 17 Open

WDNation sprints, not waddles, to get the 17 Open gold.

We love to see the competition on the final day at AAU Nationals (or any tournament!) come down to the wire. It’s always the hope that the best teams rise to the top and battle until the end. What fun is it to win without a challenge? For us as fans, it’s not.

Well, that’s exactly what happened on Championship Day in 17 Open. With eight teams left to duke it out, coaches and teams around AAUs began buzzing about who would win. The winner, WD Nation 17 Adidas from Louisiana, was no one’s pick… but that’s why I love Championship time! Each game was tight on the fourth day, some lasting through three sets, and one going the distance with a 36-34 score. Here is what happened on Sunday in 17 Open…

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