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Win, Lose, or Draw – The Unexplained New Tie-Breaking Procedures

You can’t break a tie by a joust at the net… or is it that simple?

Recently, I wrote about some new USAV rules that players, coaches, and club directors should be aware of. But over the weekend, it has become apparent that there is one additional rule change that will impact nearly every USAV National Qualifier going forward. In fact, it has already affected several teams whether they know it or not.

In Chicago at the Girls Winter Volleyball Championship, an 18s qualifier, the new rule regarding tie-breaker procedures seemed to come out of nowhere and crushed the dreams of Mizuno M1 181 while putting every other team on edge going forward.

In most situations, unless teams are tied in match and set
percentage, there will be no more playoff sets to 25 points to break a
three-way tie. The team with the best set record will advance. It’s as simple
as that.

M1 coach Jamie Suapaia said, “The rules were confusing and there was no publicity of this new rule change. Big injustice to the teams and I don’t think this result is consistent with the spirit of what USAV was trying to accomplish. Let the kids decide it on the court in three-way tie situations. There’s too much at stake. Very unfortunate rule change.”

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