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Windy City: Gold Begins with Two Bids Secured in 15 Open (Day 2)

Top seed Dynasty is through and hunting for its first Gold medal in the Windy City.’s 2019 National Qualifier coverage is sponsored by TeamSnap. Visit TeamSnap to discover how much time your organization will save each week.

There is a quick turnaround in the 15 Open division at the Windy City Qualifier with the final day’s Gold pools beginning on Saturday at 4 PM. Look for news about Day 2 in the other Open divisions later…

For now, we have news that the bids in 15 Open have been settled. Just two have been awarded and one will, therefore, enter the at-large pool after and go out once all the qualifiers have been completed.

Seven teams entered the Chicago tournament with a bid in hand already. Of those seven teams, six have advanced to Gold. Since the trickle-down reaches just the eighth-place finisher, that means that the two remaining teams in Gold have already punched their ticket to Indianapolis – CVC 15 Black and SG Elite 15 Roshambo.

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