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Crossroads Star Search: Day 1 in 17 Open and Club

Karen Murphy’s (12) sets are so Crush-able.

Meet me at the Crossroads, where you’ll see these stars shining in 17 Open and the Club divisions.


Alyssa Fierro, Libero, AZ Sky VBC 17 Gold – AZ Sky itself has one of the more energetic benches I’ve seen thus far and Fierro gives her teammates lots to cheer about. She is disciplined in her positioning and I watched her rebound rockets from heavy hitters (with quality!) that allowed her team to turn transition swings into points.

Claudia Dillon, MB, CoJrs 17 Kevin – Dillon, in the M-1 position, takes advantage of the freedom to run behind the setter. I watched her hit a (very) fast tempo slide several times, frustrating her outside blocker because she beat her to the pin every time. She has a quick arm with a great snap.

Karen Murphy, S, ID Crush 17 – I really liked this speedy and fluid setter. She runs a balanced offense and puts up a good-sized block. She also served a key ace and went on a serving run in a three-set match against Dynasty to come out first in the pool.

Jillian Gillen, OH, KC Power 17-1 – Gillen was perhaps my favorite player of the day to watch. She’s dynamic and shows great heart in the back row. I watched her dig an incredible ball, get up quickly, and then ask (and receive) the “pipe” set. I’m fairly certain someone caught me grinning to no one, all by myself, watching her play. A former middle for a smaller club, Gillen ran slides and zero tempo “1s.” She’s 5-9 and scored nearly every time.

Jenna Sandall, OH, City Beach 17 Black – We have another slightly undersized kid who just doesn’t care… or know it. Either way, Sandall is fun to watch! She’s developed a repertoire of swings that make her a threat to even the biggest block. Her serve receive is solid, making her movements early so it looks easy.

Shkhinah Tindsley (14, Pacific Coast) is a-head above the rest.


Shkhinah Tindsley, MB, Pacific Coast 17 Jayne – You can’t not notice Tindsley. Her size and physicality alone are one thing, but she moves so well from pin-to-pin with long steps. She is terminal by varying her sets, shots, and swings. It must be difficult for a player with such size to decide not to hit straight down every time…



Others Who Shined:

Shea Fuller, S/RS, 303 Volleyball Academy 17-Alpha

Amber Johnson, OH, 360 17 Kaos Black

Nadia Kern, OH, 915 United 17 Gil

Reagan Leinen, OH, AEV 17 National

Lexy Thomas, OH, Alamo 17 Premier

Kate Grimmer, RS, Arizona Storm 17 Thunder

Amber Stivrins, OH, Arizona Storm 17 Thunder

Ellie Bichelmeyer, OH, Asics MAVS 17-1

Rachel Hickman, RS, Asics MAVS 17-1

Alyssa Hughes, MB, Athena Volleyball Academy 17 Gold

Averi Miller, S/RS, AZ EVJ 17N1 Tempe

Brooklyn Poling, RS, AZ EVJ 17N1 Tempe

Lauryn Burt, S, Bakersfield 18 John

Makayla Sorenson, OH, Bonneville Volleyball Club 17

Shay Coons, OH, CCE 18 Black

Kaylissa Arndorfer, MB, CIA 17 Black

V Bree Thompson, OH, CIA 17 Black

Hailey Cuff, OH, Club V 17 Ren

Emily Smith, S, Club V 17 Ren

Adelaide Feek, MB, CoJrs 17 Kevin

Noelani Helm, S/RS, CRU 17 Baden

Hannah Lapour, RS, Dynasty 17 Black

Carlee Wise, OH, Illinois HPSTL 17 Elite

Madison Kubik, OH, Iowa PowerPlex 17U TPP

Arin Winters, OH, Iowa PowerPlex 17U TPP

Makayla Tolman, RS, ID Crush 17

Amaya Tillman, MB, KC Power 17-1

Julia Norville, Libero, NCVC 17-1 Asics

Emmy Grant, MB, Nebraska Elite 17 TKO

Emma Worthington, RS, Nebraska Elite 17 TKO

Marriah Buss, OH, Nebraska ONE 17 Titanium

Fallon Stutheit, MB, Nebraska ONE 17 Titanium

Mataya Megson, MB, NORCO 17 Black

Annika Wetterstrom, S, NORCO 17 Black

Marissa Hinkle, Libero, Northern Lights 17-1

Kennedi Orr, S, Northern Lights 17-1

Bridget Green, Libero, NYC Juniors 17 National

Amethyst Harper, OH, Pacific Coast 17 Jayne

Carlee Camlin, S, Platform Elite 17 Adidas

Megan Skovsende, OH, Premier Nebraska 17 Gold

Hailey Zuroske, OH, Premier Nebraska 17 Gold

Olivia Mikkelsen, S, Splash 17 National

Azyah Green, MB, Springfield Juniors 17 Blue

Samantha Chavez, Libero, SynergyForce 17 National

Lauren Strain, MB, The Diff 17 Black

Kelsie Cada, OH, VCNebraska 17 Elite

Alexandra Lemke, S, VCNebraska 17 Elite

Selina Xu, S, Vision 17 Gold

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