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Is It Worth It?

Coach Tim shares his profound wisdom in another inspiring article



Never, in my younger life, did I have any idea that I’d be where I am right now, coaching young girls to play volleyball. It still amazes me at times. So when people ask me, “Is it worth it?” I say, “Yes.” And this is why:

This week, two of my former players, “my girls,” asked me to write letters of recommendation for college. That, to me, is an honor. I mean, they of course are the ones that deserve the recognition, but for them to consider me worthy to be a voucher for them, and therefore a voucher of me, is, like I said, an honor. It amazes me the relationships that are made through coaching. The kids become family.

Now, I can’t lie and say that I’ve loved every kid I’ve coached, but they’ve all become a part of me. And I hope I never lose that part. Coaching provides me an insight into these kids. I see them at their best and worst. I see them at their happiest and saddest. When they are worn out and don’t want to go anymore, and when they are ready to take on the world. We talk about boyfriends, school, moms, dads, whatever. I’m part of something. That makes me feel special. I hope it always feels that way.

Even for the ones I don’t coach any longer, I want to be a part of their lives. Forever. Coaching to me, is more than X’s and O’s. It’s about life. Life lessons. And if they, when they leave me, know that adults can be trusted, that they are not the enemy, that they can be confided in, then I’ve done my job. I hope that they can apply a little bit of me into their own lives. I’ll live forever that way. They’ll always be “my girls.” I hope they know that. I think that they do.

So, “Is it worth it?” Of course it is.

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