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Long Beach Unsigned Showcase: Queens Off And On The Court

If you looked just right Friday, you could see the Queen Mary from the inside the Convention Center, where unsigned players were showcasing their skills. Here’s who stood out.

Players listen up during the start of the Unsigned Showcase.

If you stood in a certain area of the Long Beach Convention Center during Friday evening’s PrepVolleyball Unsigned Showcase hosted by Munciana’s Mike Lingenfelter and looked out the opening of the South Dock bay door, you could see the markings of the Queen Mary’s smokestacks across the waterway.

As surreal as that scene may have been, the real matter at hand had to do with the queens of the court there to gain insight, experience and show their set of skills in front of the attending college coaches.

By the time the 90 minute sessions was done, these three players were getting mentioned the most by the on-court coaches:

Kathryn Kramer goes up on the attack, something that caught the attention of coaches.

Melody Edwards, Class of 2018, 6-3 MB, A4 Volley 17 Black – Edwards’ height was easy to notice. But we know height alone won’t get it done. So while coaches noticed Edwards because of her size, they started mentioning her because of her play and physicality. One gave her the title of “best middle” at the showcase.

Kathryn Kramer, Class of 2019, 6-0 OH, SynergyForce 16 National – It was Kramer’s attacking abilities that stood out. She has a lively arm and can really let it fly when it gets in her sweet spot. She’s also has a ‘nice jump’ and will continue to get better as she gets stronger.

Lenox Loving, Class of 2018, 5-9 OH, SynergyForce 17 National – One of the prominent on-court coaches with an impressive volleyball pedigree called Loving the “best all-around player” in the gym Friday. That’s saying something. Loving might not quite have the height to get her recognized as ‘elite,’ but she certainly carries a solid skill set that stood out.

Others mentioned by on-court coaches, with comment(s) if available:

Class of 2018

Charity Hall, 5-11 OH, NW Power – nice swing

Aija Mines, 5-5 OH, Golden VBC – big jump

Alewa Anaya, 6-2 MB, Mizuno Long Beach

Alexandria Parisian, 6-1 RS, Forza1 North – solid arm

Megan Kukwa, 5-7 OH, Forza1 17 North

Demari Webb, 6-0 OH, Rancho Valley 17 – real raw, but athletic with lots of potential

Class of 2019

Anastassiya Barakhoyeva, 5-6 S, OK Charge 17UA – fast, good with quick tempo

Jazminn Parrish, 5-8 OH, Mizuno Long Beach 16 – high jumper

Class of 2020

Elizabeth Dreling, 6-0 OH, Proplay VBC

Summer Frank, 6-3 MB, SynergyForce 15 National – solid attacking off one foot

Malia Berry, 6-0 RS, SynergyForce 15 National

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