National Club Rankings

2021 Final 15s National Club Rankings

It is time to release the final rankings for the 2021 Club Season, beginning with the 15s Age group. For the final rankings, we will be releasing just the rankings first. After they are released, keep an eye out for our 'Inside The Final Rankings,' followup where we'll take breakdown all the details that determined the rankings. Those will be out later in the week.

Arguably the most difficult group to rank, the 15s had a handful of tight-knit competitors fighting for the top few spots. That'll happen when the top five teams combined for over a dozen medals, which made rankings teams outside the top-five that much more difficult. It's important to understand that these rankings revolve around each team's full body of work throughout the season, including qualifier/large tournament finishes, the number of tournaments played, and the depth and talent of the roster. This year, we chose to rank fewer teams than last as high school volleyball may have overlapped in some states, and not everyone had the chance to play a full national schedule. Things have constantly changed, and we've done our best to adapt! We've ranked 50 teams, as well as some 'Honorable Mentions,' just outside the top 50 list.

Though you may or may not agree with the rankings, please understand that they hold no bearing on your self-worth or that of your child and her team. Kindly keep all unhelpful and negative comments to a minimum and send all corrections via email to staff writer and head correction maker Jimmy Pompeo ( 

Without further ado, we give you the pre-Nationals edition of the Final 2021 15s National Club Rankings. Thank you to all those coaches who have offered input and insight surrounding their teams throughout the season and consistently communicated during such a challenging season.


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