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PVB’s Regional Rankings (Round 2)


The Regional Rankings return!

We divided the country into 12 parts and broke down the best clubs by age divisions.

Find your region below and see if your team made the cut:

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  1. PVA 15 Elite beat both your 7&8 teams in final two matches….keep an eye on them!!!

  2. Absolute VB just beat Vision at league 3.
    They should be in the running…

  3. Team Momentum Navy just beat #9 HPSTL Royal in the semi-final and championship of the Gateway Region Bid event. Up and coming…

  4. Come on man! Brandywine Volleyball Clubs 16s were second at the Chesapeake regional. They also beat your number six team 18-1 Carolina Jrs this year!!

  5. Why would SPVB Kahl be ranked lower than Sky High and MichioChicago National when they beat them in Power League???

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