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Star Search: Day 1 Rock N Rumble

CVC 16 Black setter Jaden Walz helped lead her squad into Sunday’s 16 Open Gold Bracket

We saw a few players sparkling on Saturday in Cleveland. Here are the ones who impressed us most:


Jonni Parker, S/Hitter, Munciana Samurai – The Penn State’s signees big swing on the 2-ball attack to end the win over Gwelph had spectators gasping. We agree.

Nikoleta Kandic, MB, C2 International 18-2 – A Serb playing on an elite, international college prep volleyball training team out of St. Louis, Kandic’s swings were terminal.

Emily Teehan, OH, Leaside 18 – The Columbia University showed off her big arm as Leaside stood toe-to-toe with both Elite and VA Elite before losing a three-way 2-1 playoff.

Kamiah Gibson, S, AVC 15 Mike – Gibson delivered the big block that clinched AVC’s upset win over top-seeded KiVA in 15 Open.

Ella Grbac, OH, CVC 18 Martin – All the way back from a knee injury suffered 15 months ago, Grbac ripped the ball in Martin’s 2-1 day.

Lexi Almodovar, OH, Munciana 16 Ninjas – Gritty, Almodovar got the ace to help Muncie outlast MVA as part of a 3-0 day.

Others Who Shined

Katelyn Meyer, OH, Premier 18 Onitsuka

Teodora Vukovic, MB, Pakmen U18

Becka Poljan, MB, FaR Out 18 Black

Ava Francis, OH, Elite 15 Black

Paige Jones, OH, Elite 18 Black

Paityn Brady, MB, Summit 18 Elite

Jordyn Gates, S, MVA 16 Black

Sara Rohr, S/RS, Defensa 18

MJ Hammill, S, Munciana 16 Ninjas

Jaden Walz, S, CVC 16 Black

Meghan Dombrowski, MB, Legacy 16 Elite

Sydney Smith, Michigan Elite 16 Elite East

Kinze McWhorter, MB, NOVA 16 Navy

Addie Vanderweide, OH, MVA 16 Black

Megan Miller, libero, Munciana Samurai

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