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Triple Crown Sports NIT Pools Are Out

See which clubs received top billing at the upcoming mega-event in Salt Lake City.


The pools are out for the upcoming Triple Crown Sports Pre-Season NIT in Salt Lake City.

Below, we list the Top 8 seeds for each Open Division.

The teams aren’t seeded 1-8, rather grouped together as the Top 8 seeds. For example, 18 Open features TAV, Encore, Munciana, Skyline, Coast, Sky High, Top Select and K2 in Pool A. TAV, Encore, Munciana and Skyline will crossover with Coast, Sky High, Top Select and K2 during Day 1 pool play.

The full pools can be found here.

We’ll have much more coverage as the week continues, plus will be on hand during the three-day event to provide updates as well.


TAV 18 Black

Encore 18 Navy

Munciana 18 Samurai

Skyline 18 Royal

Coast 18-1

Sky High Adidas 18 Black

Top Select 18 Elite Blake

K2 Adidas Jota


Tstreet 17 Naseri

AZ EVJ 17N1 Tempe

Rage 17 Gabe

Aspire 17 Rox

TAV 17 Black

A5 Mizuno 17 Jing

OTVA 17 S Rox Red

SA Magic 17 Elite


Munciana 16 Ninjas

A5 Mizuno 16-1 Gabe

TAV 16 Black

LoneStar 16 Red

Arizona Storm 16 Thunder

Coast 16-1

San Gabriel Elite

Sunshine Westside


OTVA 15 S Rox Red

Wave 15 Brennan

Aspire 15 Rox

A5 Mizuno 15-1 Boba

Asics KiVA 15 Red

Legacy 15 Elite

TAV 15 Black

Skyline 15 Royal

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