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Unsigned Showcase in D.C. A Capitol Idea!

Jasmine Green unloads her potential at DC’s Unsigned Showcase

Potential abounded Friday night, as more than 600 hopefuls showed off for well over 100 college coaches at the Second Annual Washington D.C. Unsigned Showcase, held in conjunction with the Capitol Hill Classic. Though only steps from the National Portrait Gallery, there weren’t many posers in this crowd, as these ladies came to play!

At the end of three sessions, one player stood slightly taller than the rest, our MVP, Parker Hartzell of Metro 15 Travel. Hartzell, who played middle in high school and plays on the right for her nationally-ranked club team, also is a beach standout. Listed at 6-0 and new to Metro, the freshman wowed our coaches both with a 32.2-inch vertical jump and a physicality few others possessed.

Said one college coach watching her play: “That girl is going to be nasty!”

Two other outsides earned runner-up status: VA Elite sophomore OH Jasmine Green and Revolution freshman OH Hope Leavy-Gaskins. Green, at 5-11, has the frame for power and she brings the heat from either pin. Leavy-Gaskins stands 5-9 and is a fluid, six-rotation athlete who moves efficiently, is proficient in all the skills and has great potential for growth.

As we roamed the convention center on Friday, several other players caught our attention. They are listed below, with notes if we have them. Be advised that there were many others participating who shined in the eyes of the college coaches. Here’s hoping we helped make some college dreams come true!


Rachel Grightmire, Class of 2019, Defensa 17 – A favorite of many college coaches, this Canadian showed great athleticism and lateral movement


Alannys Martinez, 2019, Next Level – Aggressive and with good ball control

Carrie Fitzgerald, 2018, Premier of Delaware – Great court sense

Maeve Register, 2018, Maryland Juniors – Great court presence

McKenna Walker, 2019, Ballyhoo

Elisa Park, 2019, Maryland Juniors – Court presence

Natalia Gutierrez, 2021, Metro VB of D.C. – Active; tenacious

Catarina Dubeux, 2019, AVVC – Technically sound

Katelyn McDonough, 2019, Borinquen Coqui – Technically sound

Emily Haber, libero, Sportime


Mackenzie Mahon, 2019, Paramount – Smooth hands; efficient to ball

Zoe Huang, 2021, Metro VB of DC – Smart; jump sets well

London Fuller, 2019, Baltimore Elite – GREAT athlete playing setter; 27-inch vert; oozes potential

Emily Link, 2020, Valley Juniors – long and projectable

Joanna Plowman, 2020, VA Juniors – has hands for the position

Hannah Prendergast, 2020, VA Juniors – great feel setting behind her

Jaimie Timbol, 2019, Phoenix – Small and will be overlooked by many, but what hands! Someone will steal her…

Lauren Baumgardner, 2018, East Coast Volleyball – Good hand placement on ball

Victoria Boulay, 2020, Downstate – quick to the ball; good control and hands; can run tempo


Aimee Beaupre, 2019, Defensa – another impressive Canadian!

Anadys Chimeles, 2019, Next Level Academy – power arm from Puerto Rico!

Aaliyah Griffin, 2021, Maryland Juniors – good now, better in the future; jumped 28 inches

Sadie Sharkey, 2020, Southern Tier – gets hand on top of the ball

Jayden Beasley, 2018, Shenandoah Valley Vipers – long; hits a good slide

Payton Reis, 2019, Palm Beach Juniors – will get lots of offers

Summer Hensley, 2020, Dulles Volleyball – quick off the ground

Olivia Womble, 2020, VA Juniors

Cara Fusilli, 2020, Paradigm – great frame

Sydney Lewis, 2019, CEVA – impressive physically

Elyssia Smith, 2019, Coreva – athletic; good arm

Alexis Larosiliere
, 2021, VA Elite – GREAT frame; future star

Outsides/Right sides

Margeau Pitters
, 2019, Vienna Elite – springy, strong, strong arm; the best from Session I

Morgan Ritchie, 2021, Premier – good swing

Olivia Mitchell, 2019, CEVA – physical regardless of where ball is set

Lydia Leiner, 2019, Maryland Juniors

Tara Pietrulewicz, 2019, Princeton – athletic!

Kameron Fobbs, 2019, CORE – moves well; looks the part of a DI athlete

Victoria Barrett, 2020, Fredericksburg Juniors – super athlete was area’s POY

Kate Sheire, 2020, VA Elite – long; gets feet to the ball

Katelyn Clarke, 2020, VA Juniors – very rangy

Trista Keder, 2020, Dulles – just good

Shannon Baily, 2019, Arlington Elite – athletic; puts hand on ball well

Clara Smith, 2018, RVC – lefty; lots of moving parts but great potential

Aiden Finegan, 2018, Yorktowne – solid

Jasmin Perry, 2018, Strive – gets up; loads of potential

Emily Wunder, 2018, Paradigm Revolution – 6-3 with power

Alisa Mejia, 2019, Downstate – lefty; good rise and power potential

Stefana Stan, 2020, Sporting Albany — physical


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