Unsigned Showcase

Flagging Down Showcase Talent in Washington, D.C.

Before the gym in D.C. turns into the battleground for the Capitol Hill Classic on Saturday, PrepVolleyball.com hosted an unsigned showcase. With over 600 athletes spread among the three sessions, there was plenty of action to see and quite a buzz among college coaches at the event as to where to look next.

While there was an abundance of talent to see, we noted several players (97!) who stood out in particular and also added comments by us and college coaches available… you could say we “flagged” down some terrific athletes in the United States capital.

Thank you and good luck to all those who participated!


Class of 2019

Sarah Green, 5-11 OH, VolleyFX

Saniya Harris, 5-8 OH, Carolina Juniors VBC – she’s 5-8, but an excellent jumper

Class of 2020

Ashley Allen, 5-10 S, Vienna Elite

Erika Anderson, 5-10 Libero, Beach Elite– great passer and defender; hustles on every play

Taylor Arnold, 5-5 Libero, American VBC

Avery Bates, 6-0 OH, U of C Dunos

Gianni Blundell, 5-9 S, Metro VBC

Riley Casagrande, 5-10 MB, Braddock Road (BRYC)

Kennedy Chastang, 5-11.5 MB, Team Detroit

Jada Daniels, 5-11 MB, Southern Maryland VBC

Ashanti Davis, 5-9 MB, Downstate Juniors VBC – has a textbook arm swing

Olivia Deckers, 5-8 OH, Paul McCormack

Ashlin DeLucia, 5-8 OH, Premier VBC of Delaware

Morgan Esham, 6-1 OH, Dynamic VBA

Ericka Espinal, 5-2 Libero, Legacy VBC (NY)

Olivia Evangelista, 5-3 Libero, VolleyFX

Madeline Fate, 6-0 MB, Downstate Juniors VBC – jumps fast off the ground, able to turn and swing cross-body

Olivia Freer, 6-0 OH, MVSA           

Jaden Garelle, 5-11 MB, Club Ace Long Island

Jasmine Grant, 5-10 MB, Downstate Juniors VBC – jumps with ease and reaches her head well above the net; good instincts

Caitlyn Hart, 5-5 Setter, Husky VBC – strong and great ability to reverse the ball

Kelli Heffer, 5-9 OH, Sportime VBC – strong

Gabriela Hiciano, 5-11 OH, Borinquen Coqui (PR) – has a deadly jump-serve

Emily Hosford, 5-10 MB, Sideout Sports – great potential

Elizabeth Ijoma, 5-10 MB, CJVA East Hanover

Caleigh Kilmurray, 5-8 OH, Academy VB

Isabel Lugar, 5-9 RS, ECP Delaware

Mackenzie Maass, 6-1 RS, Fusion VBC (PA)

Rosalie Morrish, 5-10 OH, Junior Dimos Womens VBC

Riley O’Connell, 5-10 OH

Peyton Oliver, 6-0 MB, DIGS VBC

Shannon Perna, 5-11 RS, Whirlwind VBC – dynamic lefty; flies seemingly out of nowhere like a spark

Kylie Santos, 5-4 Libero, West Shore

Morgan Saulys, 5-8 S, Allegro

Maethavee Siphakongviseth, 5-5 Libero – solid platform

Janelle Smith, 5-9 MB, Maryland Juniors

Alexandra Sturgess, 5-9 OH, Academy VB

Edan Wade, 5-11 S

Brooke Young, 5-8 S, South River VBC

Class of 2021

Haley Adams, 5-8 OH, Dulles Youth Sports VBC

Jamie Albrecht, 5-9 RS, Long Island VBA – lefty

Armani Atkinson, 5-7 OH, Western Loudoun – high snap, gets on top of the ball; was delivering high-fives and very encouraging

Emma Appleman, 5-10 S, Husky Juniors – one of the best setters of the night; jump-sets regularly, has good awareness, vision, and ability to square to her target on the move

Brianna Brown, 5-9 S, Richmond VBC – extremely fast; gets her body under and feet to the ball

Charlotte Burgess, 5-3 Libero, Williamsburg VBC

Jadyn Butler, 5-4 Libero, Relentless

Victoria Chayse, 5-11 S, Halton Hurricanes (HRVC) – great technique and location; makes setting look effortless

Amanda DeWitt, 6-1 RS, Academy VB of Long Island – hang time!

Nicole Dilauro, 5-9 MB, CT Stars – strong and powerful; hits a heavy ball

Morgan Drew, 5-9 RS, CJVA

Allie Droneberger, 6-0 OH, Southern Maryland Juniors

Elayna Duprey, 5-11 MB, Metro VBC – touches 9-11.5

Elizabeth Feczko, 5-7 Libero, Revolution VBC

Vanessa Fernandez, 5-2 Libero, Northern Virginia VBA

Sophia Fleeger, 5-11 S, MVSA – soft hands with a natural feel for the ball

Ally Fletcher, 5-10 OH, South River VBC

Raven Gray, 6-0 OH, Carolina Juniors VBC – athletic and has a ton of potential; fast with a long reach

Gianna Grigaliunas, 5-7 Libero, DIGS VBC

Natalie Gutierrez, 5-2 Libero, Metro VBC

Robin Henshaw, 6-1 OH, Leaside Lightning

Anaiah Jones, 5-6 Libero, Carolina Juniors – good skills moving on defense and to the floor; also showed promise as an attacker and even setting, but libero is her sweet-spot

Emma Jose, 5-8 S, Defensa – smooth movement and delivery

Emily Klaus, 5-9 OH, MVSA

Paityn Kramer, 5-7 Libero, Coalition – great communication and energy; low and quick court movement

Hope Leavy-Gaskins, 5-10 OH, Revolution VBC Chambersburg – athletic and fast; good gather and leaping ability

Sue Lee, 5-2 S, Elevate VB

Alyssa Lowther, 6-0 RS, DIGS VBC

Lashawn McDuffie, 5-9 MB, East Carolina Junior VBC

Quinn Menger, 5-10 S, Richmond VBC

Marilise Page, 5-8 OH, Metro VBC

Isabella PeBenito, 5-7 S, MVSA

Andrea Perez, 5-4 Libero, Borinquen Coqui (PR)

Charlotte Rodgers, 6-0 MB, Metro VBC – great technical skills; athletic; has a nice read on the block

Matea Skenderija, 5-10 RS, Halton Hurricanes (HRVC)

Morgan Smith, 6-1 MB, SMASH

Mackenzie Sobczyk, 5-11 MB, East Coast Power Delaware – great communication

Maddi Stewart, 5-8 S

Kayla Tarigo, 5-9 OH, Metro VBC

Sydney Thaxton, 5-5 Libero, Metro VBC

Grace Tompkins, 5-4 Libero, Downstate Juniors VBC

Alisa Vukovic, 5-10 OH, Princeton VBC

Stephanie White, 5-11 S, Carolina Juniors – athletic and precise, even when moved off the net

Merritt Woodson, 5-11.5 RS, ECVC – has a good jump-float serve

Kaylie Wright, 6-0 MB, Halton Hurricanes (HRVC)

Class of 2022

Adriana Anderson, 5-7 RS, Vienna Elite

Maiya Cobian, 5-8 RS, Metro VBC

Reese Cholette, 5-8 OH

Tara Garvey, 5-10 MB, Halton Hurricanes (HRVC)

Annabelle He, 5-6 Libero, DIGS VBC

Isabella Henderson, 5-8 OH, Halton Hurricanes (HRVC)

Nareen Herrera-Davila, 5-3 Libero, Metro VBC – gritty

Megan James, 5-8 OH, XZone

Emma Kunaus, 5-11 OH, Scarborough Titans VBC

Alanna Mansell, 5-8 OH, Downstate Juniors

Julianna McFarland, 6-0 MB, St. James VBC – long reach, moves well

Jadyn McLean-Barksfale, 5-4 S, Dynamix VBC – strong, can push the ball cross-court with ease

Viktoria Wahlgren, 6-0 RS/S, Defensa – smooth approach, gather, and arm swing

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