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Showcase Spotlight: Chloe Ka’ahanui

Chloe Ka’ahanui was one of the MVPs at our recent Unsigned Showcase in Las Vegas.

Over President’s Day weekend, PrepVolleyball.com held one of its Unsigned Showcases in Las Vegas at the It’s All Volleyball facility. We wrote about the standouts our on-court coaches identified and we said we’ll be following up with some of them. 


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We reached out to a few named MVP’s from their respective sessions and asked them to respond to our questions in hopes of gathering a little more information on them. We’ll be releasing them over the course of the next few days. Below, we introduce Chloe Ka’ahanui, a 5-9 Class of 2020 setter from Hanahou VBC

From a young age, Ka’ahanui played various sports like soccer and basketball. The one she became most passionate about in time was volleyball. Having two older siblings involved in the sport made volleyball more than just a game for Ka’ahanui. It was family bonding, as Ka’ahanui would run around at their practices growing up trying whatever she could to get a hold of a ball to play with it. 

“I would always run on the court and pick up the ball trying to spike, bump, or volley the ball,” Ka’ahanui said. “My mother said that’s when she knew I had a connection with the sport.”

What is your favorite part about volleyball?

Ka’ahanui: My favorite part about volleyball is meeting new players, coaches, and colleges throughout the years. I love to gain new experiences! I feel that it is good to play with diverse amounts of people, learning to adapt to their style of play or coaching. Itʻs kind of preparing me for what’s to come in college, knowing that I will be meeting tons of people!

What did you like or enjoy most from the Las Vegas Showcase?

Ka’ahanui: During the Las Vegas Showcase, I really enjoyed the competition that was there. I definitely was challenged by the other girls, which pushed me even more to perform at my highest. Honestly, each girl there deserves some credit for putting on a great show for all the college coaches. My court had such great energy and the willingness to gain every point! I really enjoyed myself and all the girls I made friends with. Overall, a great combine to showcase all my skills I have, which was rewarding at the end! 

What was your focus or mindset during the showcase and what were you hoping to accomplish?

Ka’ahanui: Playing on the court, the mindset I had was to leave everything out. By doing this, I hoped that college coaches would see how dedicated and committed I am. Physically, I did all I could to perform at my best! I believe verbally speaking is what set me apart from the competition. Talking during times when nobody would say anything is definitely the difference I make. Overall, I was personally trying to accomplish grabbing several college coachesʻ attention. I was extremely happy with how many coaches were interested in me. Although, I also had a goal of helping out my teammates on my club team in possibly getting recruited by these colleges. I did all I could to help them get the looks on the court. At the end, all my teammates got what they desired for and gained some interest from coaches. I especially was grateful for what all the college coaches had to say about me!

Do you see yourself wanting to stay closer to home or going farther away when it comes to college?

Ka’ahanui: I see myself staying closer to home, possibly in California, Washington, or Oregon. Iʻve always wanted to stay closer to home by the ocean. However, I am willing to experience new places on the east coast. 

What level are you seeking when it comes to playing in college?

Ka’ahanui: I’ve always wanted to play with the best so I really see myself playing at the D1 level.

Do you know what you would be interested in majoring in?

Ka’ahanui: I am very interested in majoring in either health professions, nursing, or radiological sciences. My dream career is becoming a radiologist or a pharmacist.

What are your hobbies or interests outside of volleyball?

Ka’ahanui: I’ve always enjoyed the sport of basketball. The physical contact is a huge reason why I like the sport so much. I also enjoy the adrenaline I get when running up the court and scoring. It serves as fuel for me to continue putting up huge points!

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