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A Look Back: Class of 2012 Top 100 Senior Aces (Nos. 1-25)


We understand.

Night after night after night you lay there awake in bed wondering how former Senior Aces are doing in college. It’s wreaking havoc on your sleep patterns and there doesn’t seem to be any relief in sight.

Fret not! Your frustration is about to end because we’ve decided to do something about it.

Now that we have delved into the collegiate realm, we went back and looked at the Top 100 Senior Aces from the Class of 2012. The players from that group are now either seniors or redshirt juniors, so we wanted to end your pain and provide updates on how they are currently doing at their respective colleges.

We reviewed all 100 and the range is wide. Some have transferred, some have not. While some have been four-year starters, others are still seeking consistent playing time.

In looking back at the Senior Aces from the Class of 2012, we mention something about each of them below.

We started with Nos. 76-100. You can find those here. We released 51-75 on Wednesday and Nos. 26-50 on Thursday.

The final 25 are below.

And make sure to check back Saturday. Not only will we have the complete countdown in one place, we’ll look at some of the players from the Top 150 that are doing well in college.

Plus, and this is a major plus, we are going to have a surprise for you! It’s something some of you have been wanting for years and years.

Stay tuned.

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