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College Court Report: Penn State-ment Made?

Courtesy Penn State Athletics

Courtesy Penn State Athletics

Attempting to play catch up after attending a weekend wedding where my cousin finally married his bride after “dating” for 10 years.

She can relate to all the volleyball fans who have waited much longer for their favorite program to capture a national championship. After watching Penn State sweep through Stanford, it’s only getting longer for you guys so hang in there.

This was my second wedding I’ve been to in the past seven months.

I have three takeaways so far:

1) Spending money on a wedding seems silly (and very expensive). The small fortune my aunt and uncle forked over would have made a terrific down payment on a house. The only time I tell people how to spend their money is to sign up for, so spend all the money you want on a wedding. But personally, if given the choice between my parents spending on a wedding or using the same amount to set us up with a down payment for a house, I’m going house all the way. And if the bride can’t get with it, well I’ll be enjoying my new house by myself I guess.

2) The officiant is an important part of the process. Until you have seen one underwhelm during the ceremony I never realized this. However, this person is probably the single most vital part of a wedding, because they are the one that is going to make or break the ceremony. Therefore, I’ve decided if I’m ever in need of selecting an officiant, I’m going the way of club volleyball and holding tryouts. Heck, I might hire a few and have them ready to sub in just in case the first one is coughing it up. I don’t like to take too much praise for things, so just credit when using the idea for yourself. Thanks.

3) Vows are absolutely ridiculous! Yes, they are lovely and all and sound amazing in the moment. But there’s one particular vow from my cousin’s wedding that just seems impossible to keep so why even make it. It went something along the lines of “I will find new ways to love you every day.” Note it doesn’t say way, but ways. If they are married for 50 years and at minimum you must find two new things a day to love about the other person, that is 36,500 new ways to love your wife/husband in 50 years. I take vows seriously. That’s my word. I could not stand there and blatantly lie to my soon-to-be wife like that. My vow would be more like “I will find new ways to love you throughout our marriage, sure, but I’m also likely to find some ways to not love you along the way too. It’s just the way it is.” But one vow I would be serious about is putting in the time and effort toward making the marriage work, because otherwise what’s the point?

Most people probably just figured out why I’m single (but I’m promise I’m a romantic at heart).

Now for some takeaways from the weekend that was volleyball.

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