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College: 5 Topics of Interest

Can Creighton continues its recent run of historic seasons? (Courtesy of Creighton Athletics)

We continue our mini in-season break from the club season, which resumes quickly with the JVA West Coast Cup happening this weekend in Long Beach, and the National Junior Classic in Chicago.

For this moment though, we have college on our minds.

Here’s five things about the upcoming season to watch out for.

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  1. Watch out for UCLA, UNC, and Washington. They are going to be very strong this year.

  2. Great article. Don’t forget Minnesota has Samedy (a beast) and Martin coming on board.

  3. BTW, Oregon beat Washington in a spring match. Could be their year.

  4. Oregon is loaded with talent. I think this is the year many programs that were on the cusp last year become leaders as their youth mature. Examples are as you said, Oregon, UNC, Florida (since their rising sophomores will be key factors), and USC.

  5. Chris Tobolski

    Oregon is an intriguing team this year. The feeling here is the girls will like playing for Matt Ulmer and maybe that’s enough to get them deeper into the postseason.

  6. Chris Tobolski

    Don’t know how, but I actually kind of forgot about Samedy. That’s a huge piece, because I think she’s ready to make an impact right away. Martin I’m taking more of a wait-and-see approach. She could be a key piece, or she could not be.

  7. Chris Tobolski

    On board with all three – UCLA, UNC and Washington. I think they all can make strong pushes in the postseason, but I don’t know if I’m ready to label them as true championship contenders just yet. At least not on the same level as Stanford and Texas.

  8. Key matches to watch will be the ACC/Big10 challenge between UNC, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Also watch UCLA and Nebraska. Of course VERT challenge will be big.

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